Saturday, February 27, 2010


Okay! I've always been very facinated with the sky, stars, how everything works, how beautiful it is etc... It's just something I've always took interest in but never really got right INTO it.

Last night, my mum asked me what I was doing today, and I was like uhhh not much, going food shopping and making my boyfriend his lunch! (I know, arent I the best! lol jks!) She was like, oh well theres an astrology class on and I'm going to it, just wondering if you would like to go? And I was really interested in going but I was like uhh will I have time..?? But then I thought, no I should go, this is something I always took interest in and now I have an opportunity to learn about it! So this morning I finally made up my decision and I was like... YEP! I wanna go!! lol! So i went along with my mum to this place and WOOOWWWW it was amazing!!!

I am SO glad I went to this and my mum told me about it. It started from 9:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon! But time flew so fast! Everything was so interesting and I kinda wanted to stay longer and learn more! The astrology class is only once a month so now I cant wait until next months class! >_<

So today, we learnt the basic's of astrology like where it came from how it started sort of thing.. and then the teacher (Narelle) printed off our own personal chart! To make this chart, you have to give them your name, date of birth, what EXACT time you were born, where you were born and the special program makes your personal zodiac chart! Its so interesting! The chart shows what your identity is, how you relate to people etc... you can find out so much about yourself!

There is also many different types of astrology:
Theres Natal Astrology (your personality/identity)
Katarchic (event/electional astrology)
Mundane (ability to look at whats happening in the universe/global events)
Horary (oricle tool/prediction)
Medcial Astrology (health/weakness).....

So this whole thing is just so interesting and I think its really important to know all this! :) Like getting to know whats happening in the world...

If you get the chance to learn astrology and I say GO FOR IT! You will learn so much! Learn new things! ^_^ This was my first day and I can't WAIT until I go to the next class and learn more!! I think she said shes going to teach us all of the star signs so that should be really interesting!

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