Sunday, February 7, 2010

How to Volumize Hair with a Straightener

I pretty much do this everyday.

I dont like having really curly hair and I dont like having really straight hair. So I like to volumize my hair and have a little bit of a curl, especially at the end of my hair.

So, I use a hair straightner to give it more volume and shape. Its really easy and fast!

This is how my hair is naturally.

First, get your hair straightner and grab some hair.

Now create a C shape focusing more on the middle to the end of your hair.

You pretty much do that through your whole hair! That's it! :)

Back of my hair. You can see that it is curly but not too curly. I COULD say its wavy but you can make your hair even wavier with different techniques SOOOO, I personally wouldn't call it wavy :)

ITS JUST... VOLUME! lol I dont know... this is getting confusing so I'm gonna stop. Hope you liked it!

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