Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 7: Lash Perm and Tint

Today we did our lash perms and tints!

I thought it was fun but it was also very difficult. Since your working around another person eye area especially with chemicals, you have to be really careful!

I found it a bit challenging curling the eyelashes onto curling rod. After I put the glue on the rod, I tried curling the lashes but since the glue was still really sticky, the lashes didnt stick on properly. But once the glue dried a bit and became tacky (just like the eyelash glue when putting on false eyelashes), it was much easier for the lashes to stick on the rod. :)

My classmates did my eyelashes and this is how they turned out! (perm and tint)



I think they did a good job! :)

The bad thing was... my left eyelid actually reacted to the perming solution and after awhile, it started to sting. My right eye was perfectly fine but somehow, my left eye was stinging and after they washed it off.. my left eye lid was all puffy and swollen!!!

I have no idea why that happened, because I have gotten an eyelash perm before and my eye has never reacted like it did today. The perm solution might have gotten a bit too close to my eyelash root and reacted or my left eyelid was sensitive.

I cooled it down with some ice and just left it alone to heal. It has gone down now.. luckily! ahah :)

Other than that, the eyelashes did perm nicely! I have Asian eyelashes that are normally straight, so now I dont have to worry about curling them everyday!!! You can't really notice the tint because my eyelashes were already black..


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