Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I touched a koala at school today!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Well here I am, at the computer..drinking milk and blogging again. I just had my hair cut. My new goal is to get that "PANTENE" hair! I need to try not using any more hot irons. I want it nice and shiiinyyyyy.....!!!!!

Ahh, I'm so tired. I had work today. It was soo boring like usual. All I do is stand for 6 hours straight. I get so bored and all I can think of is "this is so boring!" *staring at the floor*

Just the other week, a man from the butcher across my work walked past and goes "Are you smiling today!?" *hand motion* I was like "umm, yes?" *trying to smile back* I thought to myself, wow.. that man must have always been looking at me. I also thought that I need to start smiling more because I don't want people to think I'm a grumpy person. I can be, but I don't want to be. Well, I guess I have another goal.. to smile more. Specially at work! Its just so hard because it's so boring I have nothing to smile about. I guess I can try to think of something funny.

*sigh* I have school tomorrow.. yay for me! OH! I just remembered. We're getting our new school ID cards!!! NOOOO. I hate my school photo! It's so bad! :( I also have my business test tomorrow on Power Point. I guess it will be pretty easy..

OH! I forgot to tell you. Today at work, the weirdest thing happened, well actually, I saw this happen before at work. It happened again today! Well, I saw these two pigeons on top of the butcher shop and I was like "Oh, pigeons!" *they are so gross* Then all of a sudden, one of them started poking its beak into the OTHER birds beak and it got the food from it and started munching on it!! :O I was like "ewwwww, why am I watching this!? It's so digusting but I can't stop watching it!!" It kept doing it.. It was really disturbing. After that, one of them climbed onto the other ones back.. and I was thinking "NOOO! Please, please... don't!" Then nothing happened, luckily....

OH! I also saw another pigeon trying to make a nest on top of the roof! It kept coming back and forth with a twig in it's beak. So I'm assuming it was for a nest.

Yes, there are MANY pigeons. Its gross. Anyways.. I just got a phone call!! I have to go!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Anime Fans....

If you love watching anime, you can find new anime's from the site below. By clicking on the right hand side, you can click on different anime titles and read the blurb about it. That way, you will be able to find an anime you might want to start watching.


Looking for a change?

I always have those days when you look at yourself in the mirror and think, hmmm I want to do something different. Well if you are bored for having the same hair style/cut all the time and looking for a change.. I found a cool site with celebrity, everyday, classic, bridal, men and popular hairstyles.


For the celebrity hairstyle, all you do is click on the first letter of your favourite celeb and then click away to find your favourite style/cut!

Good luck!

World Vision child.

I really wanted to sponsor a child from World Vision. I really want to work hard, get money and really help! :) My aim was to sponsor a World Vision child before July 2009.

One day I saw a World Vision table in a shopping centre. My goal was to sponsor a child before July. I thought it was the right time because if I didn't do it now, when would I have done it? I had the money and I really want to help. So I made my decision and I sponsored a child.

I felt really happy that I did it and I don't regret anything. I think its one of the best decisions I have made. I think its a great start for 2009 too :D!!!

I sponsored a WORLD VISION CHILD on the 5th January 2009. :)


Things I find interesting (not in order)

1. stars
2. sky
3. http://lifestyle.ninemsn.com.au/
4. http://www.didyouknow.org/
5. ants
7. beauty tips
8. http://answers.yahoo.com/
9. www.youtube.com
10. clouds
11. horoscopes

(always up dated..)


Alright, for the people who have been on my myspace or facebook, they probably already know my obsession in weapons. For the people who didn't know that, I do..! Anyways, I found an AWESOME shop on the Internet called Global Gear. It's probably the coolest shop I have ever seen. If you like watching anime, well guess what!? They have anime swords! For the people who play computer games like Gears of War, Halo and Assassin's Creed.. they have the same gaming swords played by the characters.

The sad thing is, its closing! T_T! However, they are having a massive closeout sale! Take a look...


all you need is olive oil...

Hey! Well, here is a cool site I found. It's a list of things you can do with extra virgin olive oil. It actually says "101 uses of extra virgin olive oil" BUT, it only has 38 uses?? :| Weird. Anyways. Check it out! I find it interesting..


Best Breakfast Blog...

AHHHHHHHH, guys! I forgot the most important ingredient!!!!!

THA HAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O How could I forget that!? But it's okay now, I have said it.

make.it.at.home! .. NOW!

1: two buttery toasted Turkish bread
3: two lovely poached eggs
4: avocado
5: melted cheeeesse

Tada!! The beautiful lifestyle breakfast is done! ENJOY! :)


*sigh* I have to do heaps of homework and assignments today. I swear I think school wants people to just suffer. I received my new task sheet for my english assignment which had - DUE: *IN A WEEK!* :O I was like WTF! Is that even allowed? :( Andd it's a speech, and you have to wear some sort of "business outfit" :| ...

I also received my new task sheet for my maths assignment which is okay because there's actually some TIME to do it all. But it requires heaps of brain to work like a cyclist on a bike..??? :| I dont know. But, the point is, there is so much stuff you need to do for the maths assignments. It's stupid little things that they tell you to do and it ends up being like 7 pages!! Its so gay.

1. *Question* Figure it out, write the answer.
2. Use your computer to prepare a depreciation table on Excel
3: Now draw it in a graph
5: Now draw both the straight line and diminishing value method
7-FORVER: yep, it still goes on...

They just want us to go through all of this for nothing.

hmm, I have my tourism assignment to do aswell, but I think its not as bad. Well, hopefully! I have like billions of tests coming up aswell. I swear they want people to stress out. They have given all of my assignments at the same time and due the same fricken time. *sigh* We.. *thinking* I.. am NOT a smart person therefore I cannot think like a smart person, SOOOOO Im just stressing out like crazy. Plus I cant even get my thinking brain on because this new blogging site Im addicted too. I even got up this morning and came straight here! Which is why Im typing riiightt now! AHHHH.. CANT STUDY! :( I hate school otherthan seeing my friends.

Anyways I better go and TRY to start my assignment..sssss

Love Mari

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Im addicted..

OH NO! I found my new obsession... blogging about boring stuff on the internet. I don't even know if anyone is reading this. Maybe I'm just writing this for myself?! :|

OR maybe I'm just going on about this riiighhht now and no one is even reading my blog. I feel stupid :( Well hopefully later on I will have people reading it? If I blog about interesting things? :O

Well, for the people who have read my blogs, sorry if my blogs are really boring!


Cookie Monster

The giant cookie I recieved from my boyfriend Sam for Valentines Day Last Year. It was supercalifrickin'awesome. Thankyouuu!!! >_<

Best Breakfast!

YUUUMMMYYYY!!!! This morning I went to Coffee Club for breakfast! It was delicious! I had the Lifestlye breakfast which has two buttery toasted turkish bread with poached eggs, avocado and melted cheese!! AHH it was so goooooodddd!!! Pretty expensive though.


Yep, I was really bored in my business class so I decided it was a good idea to draw on myself with glittery pens. I personally think it looked really cool. Specially because the glitter. It made it look real? The next day at school,I saw some little boy in grade 9 was drawing on his arm aswell when I heard a teacher go "don't draw on your arm, the ink will go into your blood stream. It has chemicals and it's not good." I was like :O! *looking at my arm*

Grade 11 Fancy Dress Formal

This is a picture of my boyfriend and myself at our grade 11 fancy dress formal! It was a fun night. We went on a boat cruise around the broad water at night.

Miss Teen World, Australia 2008

Well, There is alot to blog about since I only just signed up for blogspot. I wish I had it a while back since I have so many things I could have blogged about!! BUT, I can blog about them now! :D

Last year, I got asked if I wanted to represent Japan for the Miss Teen World, Australia Competition. I was so excited and I said yes straight away. The competition was around 3 weeks away, so I had to go shopping almost everday to get everything! Finally, I found my shoes, swimmers, formal gown, casual clothes and everything I needed! Luckily, the home country was in Australia, I didnt need to buy any plane tickets or go through all that stuff. The place we were staying at was only 20 minutes drive!! When I got to the resort, there was around 10 other girls representing different countries. It was so cool! It was so much fun! That whole week, we were just cruising around Surfers Paradise. We went to many restaurants for lunch and dinner. The food there was so nice.

The competition day came, I got a little nervous. The dance routines always got changed every minute. It became really confusing, but luckily everything went well throughout the night. South Pacific won the title that night. I think she deserved it, she was a really down to earth kinda girl. :)

Anyways, I had such a great experience and I met new friends from different countries which was so cool! I think that was probaly the best thing I got from the competition other than the great food!!

My First Blog!


This is so cool. Now I can just go on about crap and write about whats happening in my life. I will try my best to always keep it up dated along with photos to match my blog!

Alright, I'm going to keep on making my blog site reaaaaallly good. Well, hopefully! :D

xx Mari