Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Piercing Ear?

I THOUGHT we were going to practice on each other today but it was actually theory and we only got to practice with the gun on cardboard! Its actually next Tuesday that we get to practice on each other! :)

I can't wait until I get my 2nd ear pierced!

Today the teacher was talking about the Advanced Diploma of Health Science course. This course include:

Advanced Facial Treatments
Chemical Peels
Examine Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures
Use of Electrical Equipment in Aesthetic Treatments: Laser Hair Removal, I.P.L
Knowledge of Anatomy and Histology
Heaps More....!!

So it sounds really interesting and I would like to gain more experience and knowledge! Especially on all these new type of treatments you can get because it is becoming a lot more popular in the beauty industry.

I'm also really interesting in doing...
-professional makeup course: bridal, basic, photographic, tv, movies etc.
-eyelash extensions
-cosmetic tattooing
-hair styling

So there is A LOT I want to learn and it's gonna cost so much! T_T Maybe over time I can complete some of these courses..

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