Friday, October 28, 2011

Japan Trip

As you know, me and Aaron went to Japan for 1 week! It was really fun and I bought alot of makeup! We went to Osaka and on the first day, we went to the aquarium. I think the aquarium was one of the funnest places we went to! I love animals and it was so pretty! The only thing was I thought I'd go crazy and buy heaps of clothes but in Osaka there wasn't much I liked. Alot of the were expensive brands like Louie Vuiton, Dolce & Gabana etc. Also, most of their clothes were Autumn clothes and its almost summer here! But I did buy heaps of makeup and eyelashes!! I think I ended up buying like 10 packs of eyelashes. Each pack has about 4 sets in it too!! Even thought we both thought Tokyo would've been a funner place, we still had heaps of fun! It was our frist trip overseas together and everything went great! I hope we have many more years together so we can do alot more travelling and see beautiful places around the world!!! Anyways here are some photos!!