Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My ears pierced!

HEY! FINALLY, my internet is working!

The internet connection was broken and it hasnt been working for awhile so I couldnt go on computer.. it sucked so much! lol. It's so boring without internet!

Anyways, on Tuesday, we pierced peoples ears! The girls practiced on me and now I have 3 holes in each ear! :) I already had one but I got another 2! I was really nervous when they were loading the gun but when they pierced it, it wasn't actually THAT bad! After awhile, we had no clients left and we were really bored so I was just like.. "Wanna pierce my ears again!?" Haha. So they did!

I really like them. Its so pretty!!! >_< The third ones hurt a little still.

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