Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream


Yesterday for beauty school, we had to go into David Jones and look at some beauty products!

Our group had to look at the brands Bobbi Brown and Giorgio Armani.

We first went to Giorgio Armani and we looked at the moisturizer. The moisturizer there is made from volcanic stone. It costs.... $480 just for the moisturizer! We got to try it out on our hands and it was really smooth and hydrating. They said it doesn't clog pores, for all ages and long lasting. It was really nice but its too expensive for me lol! The lady there knew A LOT about the product and even told us a bit about the history of Giorgio Armani. Apparently he went to some island and notice that all the people looked very young. So he was interested and found out about the volcanic stone. Then he made the moisturizers. But about the lady working there, even though she knew alot about the product, when we asked her how much it was she didn't tell us straight away because she "assumed" we didnt have enough money and told us to go somewhere else where there are affordable moisturizers! We were like :O! That was really rude because even if we didnt have that sort of money, we were interested in the product and you can't "assume" that a person doesn't have enough money because how they dress, how young, how old they look etc. You can't tell! She just assumed and thought that was really rude. Someone who wears a t-shirt and thongs can be a millionaire.. you never know.


After that, we went to Bobbi Brown and had a look at their moisturizers. We found the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream! It smells so nice and it was smooth, hydrating, long lasting and creamy! I really liked this one! Plus, it's $75 so its affordable. You only need 2 little dots of it to cover your whole face so its very long lasting and it can also be a makeup primer! So not only it moisturizes, it primes your face for easy application and sets your makeup for the whole day! The lady there was really nice. She was outgoing and not rude like the other lady. She was very helpful.

So out of the two moisturizers, I would definitely go to Bobbi Brown and buy that face cream!! I really want it. She gave us a sample and I tried it on my face last night. It was soo smooth and I could still feel the moisture on my face after half an hour! The moisturizer I use right now dries up really quickly. T_T
PLUS the service was better! :D

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