Monday, December 28, 2009


I am so bored right now. I finished dying my hair and have nothing else to do! SO, I will blog about myself.

As you may already know, I love make up, doing my hair..etc and all this girly stuff but I also LOVE collecting weapons, watching action movies, watching martial art shows like The Contender and Human Weapon. I also think playing the UFC Xbox game is super fun!

Anyways, here are some of my weapon collections! (Please note that these are all for my interest and NOT for violent use! I just love collecting them and having them for display)

One of my great ancestors was a Japanese samurai who was apparently really good with the bow and arrow! He was also in the same clan as the famous Forty Seven Ronins. I was told this from my dad who got told by his dad. There are also two samurai katanas that belonged to our ancestor which is up for display in the Ogaki Castle in Japan. So yeah! That's a little bit about my history. I found it so interesting when my dad told me about it!! I hope to see it one day when I get the chance to go to Japan. :)

Well anyways, that's all for today! Thank you for reading.


I just came back from shopping and I bought:

(Sorry, the lighting in my room is so bad)

- MAC lip liner in Oak
- Drugstore lip stick in Sandalwood
- Eyelash curler
- Face oil blotting tissues
- Eye/lip liner sharpener
- Hair dye in Intense dark brown
- False individual eyelashes

The face blotting tissues are the BEST! It absorbs so much oil from your face! The packet is also quite small so it's very handy and you can put it in your hand bag so whenever your face gets oily, you can just dab dab and BAM your face is fresh!

I also cut my own fringe this morning!

Well now I'm gonna go dye my hair black. I know, you might be thinking :| "Your hair is black!" Yes, my hair is naturally black BUT it's gone kinda brown from dying it brown before and being in the sun. So yeah! :)


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Birthday soon!!

I was really bored and had nothing else to do so I decided to decoden my mobile phone! I know, its crazy... I kinda think I went over the top with it lol! But that's what you get when your sitting at home all day!! I even decodened (if that's a word) my dogs collar, my sisters mobile, my mums mobile and my sisters ear phones! I know... I was THAT bored.

Anyways! The 1st January 2010 is so soon! But guess what else is soon?? Yep, my 19th birthday! And guess when it is!?? On New Years day! ^_^!!! Didn't see that coming did ya!? Well it's true... I was born on the 1st of the 1st!

I am planning to go to a Japanese restaurant for dinner! It should be fun!

I can't wait for New Years eve though! The fireworks are always so pretty!!!! >_<

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hey guys!

I hope everyone had an awesome day on Christmas!! :)

My sister got me some Benefit makeup products! The packaging is so cute! I also got some Harajuku Lovers fragrance from Sam and money from my mum. :)

We didn't do too much, just had a nice lunch and a chillaxin' day!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hello! Now that high school is finally over, I have to prepare myself to work even harder! "Noooo!" :(

It feels good thinking about not ever going back to school. Right now, I have no job but its good having a time off before everything starts to get busy with the beauty therapy school I'm attending next year. I also have to find a new part time job!! T_T

My brother left to live in Japan for 1 year and a half! :( I miss him already!! This photo is right before we took him to the airport! T_T