Friday, April 24, 2009


I bought this movie a few weeks ago and i LOVED it! Tony Jaa is so amazing at what he does and it is more amazing that everything he does is not edited, computerized or has any special effects! They are ALL his real moves and skills!

If you're into martial arts and hard core action like me! WATCH IT NOW! :D

I'm waiting for Ong-Bak 2!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I haven't blogged in ages!!!! There hasn't been anything really interesting to blog about. All I have been doing is homework and assignments. Two of my assignments are due next week!! I'm kinda stressing out, but hopefully I will get it done by then!

I've been craving for chicken and steak lately. I know it's random but I really like chicken and steak! Oh, but I also really like pasta, ramen and udon! :)

OH! I just remembered. During the Easter holidays, I saw a 'medium' spider crawling along the kitchen floor. I thought wow, it has a big body.. and then SMACK. I smashed it with my brothers shoe. (It was the closest thing I could hit it with) As soon as I hit it, I saw all these little things come out and first I thought it was heaps of ants but when I looked really closely.. it was baby spiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O I was really surprised and disgusted at the same time. I also did feel a little bad for hitting the pregnant spider but If I had left it alone, she would have layed them and we would've had heaps of spiders in our house crawling around!!! :|

Well, that's the end of that. :) Tune in for next time! :D

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

3 Year Anniversary!

It was 3 years ago that my boyfriend Sam asked me out on a floating platform man in the Southport Park broad water. I can still remember that day like it was yesterday. The years have gone by so fast but the last 3 years that I have been with him has been the best! He is such a great person inside and out. Im just a very lucky person to have a guy like him in my life. :)

Today I made him a Japanese lunch box called bento with rice and chicken. I also bought him a portable dvd player just randomly.. I didn't know what to get him! I also wrote a letter to him to add it to his collection of love letters from me! >_< He blue tacks them onto his wall next to his bed.
He gave me these really nice earrings that match with the bracelet he gave me for my 18th birthday! :) It is so pretty!! He also gave me a love letter to add to my collection which is in special binder folder specially for his love letters! :)

Tonight we went out to a Malaysian restaurant which he paid for everything. It was so delicious!! I had a very good time. After that, we drove up to Broad beach and bought a drink from Starbucks.

To conclude, I had a very happy day today and I am just very lucky to have someone like him.

Invisibe Children

Today we had a very special guest who came to our school to show us a documentary called 'Invisible Children'. The Invisible children was created by 3 young guys from America who had no particular plan and just went to a place called Uganda, Africa to film the everyday lives of people in Africa. The 3 guys who had never made a documentary before found out the most terrific, heartbreaking stories about some of the things that happen there.

While watching the heartbreaking yet touching movie, it really shows how lucky we really are to live where we are, have what we have, do what we do and most of all have nearly everything they do not. If you read my older blogs, I have a blog about my sponsored child from World Vision. I was so hopeful because the girl I am sponsoring right now is from Uganda, Africa which is one of the places where there are just so many deaths and abductions.

The torture still continues right in this moment of time and it is something that needs to be changed. The movie has made me realised that it still goes on and it is continuing now. The more people who are involved in helping out and giving the smallest amount of money can make a difference than nothing at all.

The movie is so overwhelming, its unbelievable. If you haven't seen the movie, I recommend you see it when you get the chance to. My lesson today was that there are still millions of people that need our help. I am willing to help out by sponsoring a child and I really want to keep sponsoring when I have the money to.

This blog isn't about me trying to force and lecture about the people in Africa but I am just saying that I had a everything good lesson today and I am really happy for the special guest who came into our school who showed us the documentary. :)

New Discovery!

Hey guys, I have found my new favourite T.V channel. The Discovery Channel! I always had the channel but never took the chance to actually press the SELECT button and watch something.

When I was sick the other day and took the day off school, I thought I'd watch some T.V and I saw a title called; Fight Quest. I thought "OHHH, martial arts!" So I started watching it and I thought the show was so cool and interesting. I also saw some ads about some of the shows on the Discovery Channel and WOW, they have some amazing shows on there.

The other morning, I watched a documentary called 'Eye of the Leopard'. It was so interesting and so cute! I also realised how sad it was to see that when the baby leopard was all grown up, the mother already had new baby cubs to look after therefore, the leopard had to leave her home and find its own habitat as the mother had new baby cubs to look after which were more important. It was so sad because you just see the leopard walking away from its own mother who has new cubs. :(

The point is, I realised how strong they are. But its also their cycle and that's what happens. I just thought it was so amazing to see how they live and survive.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Poco again.

This is Poco sleeping on a remote control. Just to let you know, we do provide our dogs a very comfortable pillow..? :|

Yesterday, I went to Robina Town Centre to have a look at the new layout and shops. I was so amazed how clean, huge and modern it was! It was so nice there!! The food court looks so futuristic, it reminds me of the inside of WALL-E's Space Cruise Ship. Anyways, I found a really nice candle shop there so I had to buy some! I bought four candles in total and I really like them. I bought two smaller ones to go on top of my candle stand I bought awhile ago and two other bigger ones. I love candles! It smells so nice and I love lighting them, it makes you relax.. haha. Yes, I'm pretty dorky I know. :) But I really really like them! I want more! NOW!


I found some mushrooms on our front lawn! :O They make me want to squash them. Mushrooms are so squishable. :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

time to paint

Today I thought.. "hmm, I want to paint something with water colours.." So I went shopping and bought some new paint brushes, big art book, water colour pencils and some water colour paint. :) I tried to make it all artistic but it didn't really work out the way I wanted it to be. Specially the second one. I will keep painting some more pictures and keep posting them on. :)!!

nawww again!

This is a photo of my toy poodle Coco. This is unusual.. we found Coco sound asleep on an Eco bag! :|

Just to let you know, we do provide our dogs a very comfortable bean bag but I guess Coco finds the Eco bag much better. :)


This is a photo of my fat chihuahua Poco. He normally sticks his tongue out when he's sleeping but this time..he was poking it out heaapssss!! I was like :O! I need to take a photo of THIS! So, here it is!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Well, it has been awhile since I last blogged. There hasn't been anything interesting.. but I did have my maths exam today!! I hope I did alright, because I studied alot for it lastnight! :( Ahh..I hate maths.

Here are some recent things that happened in bullet points... (Yes, I'm lazyyy) >_<

- Maths exam
- Work
- Tricked our english teacher by recording the school recess bell onto our mobiles and playing it 10 minutes before.. ( we got out! we are rebels.. :O )
- Had a cold
- Had a headache
- Slept for more than 13 hours and still had a headache
- Saw a car accident on my way back home from work
- Ate heaps of sushi
- Ate yakisoba
- Had my english speech
- Runny nose
- Sore throat
- Family bought new pet fishes
- Saw a half dead cockroach
- When I walked passed some grade 11 guy he goes "uugh!" ( I was like.. :O *so cut* )

Yeah, that's all I can think of right now..

I need to go have a shower and sleep now :)!! GOODNIGHT!