Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good Morning!

I have work soon!!!! I'm looking forward to it actually, its fun working there but I still feel a little awkward on the register T_T! It's a bit confusing but hopefully today I can understand it more and get used to it!

Its raining...!!! I don't like it!!! The ONLY time I like when it's raining is when I'm with Sam and we're inside. Or else it's so boring and there's nothing to do.

Yesterday, I went shopping for a bit and I bought:

-MAC Select Sheer/Loose Powder NC20
-MAC Studio Fix Fluid Liquid Foundation NC25
-Foundation Powder Brush
-Clearasil Extra Strength Pimple Cream
-Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

I needed a new foundation powder and I though the MAC Select Loose Powder would be good so I went and bought it. However, since I like a loose powder to put on AFTER a liquid foundation for more coverage and also to set the liquid, the MAC Select was more a translucent powder (really really light sheer/silky powder which sets foundation) and it wasn't the 'coverage' I was looking for. But I use it as a translucent powder and its great.

The powder I've been using is the Maybelline Mineral Power. I actually really like this one. I normally just go over my foundation with this powder and it covers all my scars/redness, it gives me a good coverage and sets my foundation. :) I use the Light 2 Classic Ivory.

So that's what kind of powder I wanted and I thought MAC should have a good one but I guess I got the wrong type of foundation powder. T_T Oh well, at least I can still use it. I should've got the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Powder Foundation instead. The liquid foundation I'm using right now is the MAC studio Fix Fluid Liquid Foundation so I think that one would be a better powder.. >_<


At least I have a job now, I can buy things! YAY!!!!!!!!

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