Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 6: Manicure


Yesterday we learnt how to do manicures! It was quite fun!! :)

The last few days have been theory and we finally got to do some 'hands on' stuff!

We all got a manicure and pedicure kit.... here it is!


Cool aye?!

Well we all had to bring our own mani/pedi kits and our towels we received on orientation day!

I'm thinking, instead of writing down the procedures now on this blog, I thought when I practice on someone, I will take some photos. Then I will write down the procedures step by step along with photos on another blog so that you can get a visual idea! :) That way it's more interesting...

So I will upload the manicure procedures as soon as I practice on someone so you can see how to do it yourself!!!!!

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