Saturday, February 27, 2010

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Powder Foundation

I've worn this over my liquid foundation and my makeup stays on perfectly all day! I still really like the Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation, (the one I've been using) but since I have oily skin, I have to touch up through out the day because my face gets so oily and the foundation starts getting patchy!

BUT! With the MAC powder foundation, it doesnt get patchy and my makeup stays on perfectly and stays the same all day. I still have to use the oil blotting paper throughout the day but it doesnt look bad as when I use the Maybelline one.

I still really like the Maybelline one but its only good when you have it with you so you can touch up your face. Then it looks really good! ^_^

SO... overall... IF you have the time and you take the Maybelline powder foundation with you...its better because its cheaper and it give you a nice coverage. ORRR if you DONT have time to touch up throughout the day then I think the MAC one is better.

This is judging with oily skin type so it may be different depending on YOUR skin type! :)

If you have dry skin, then this will probably wont be a problem with you because your so lucky and you dont get gross, oily skin throughout the day!!! Haha.

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