Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hey bloggers! It's been AGES since I posted on this! I thought I'd start blogging more so here it is! Alot has happened... I bought a new puppy!!!!! Me and my boyfriend named him Thor. He is an American Staffy!! Thor is about 5 months now and everyday he is getting bigger!! As you may know, my chihuahua passed away last year and I was so upset because we pretty much grew up together. Poco will always be my first dog I ever had and always part of my life. I had to move on and because I LOVE animals, I had to get another dog in my life. So here is Thor! When he was a puppy!!!!
At the end of last year, I had my hair a very light brown, but it was getting too dry and I missed my dark hair so I dyed it back to black! :)
What elseee...???? Hmmmmm, I think that's pretty much it. :) I haven't done too much! Same old. I still do mixed martial arts 2 times a week and I am thinking of doing Taekwondo soon aswell!!! Also, my goal is to save up as much as I can so that me and Aaron can go to Thailand, Japan and maybe Hong Kong at the end of the year! That's all for now! xx