Saturday, January 30, 2010

Heart mended

I am no longer heartbroken!!!! I am happy and I am okay!! :D


Friday, January 29, 2010


I hope it's all worth it in the end.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just blogging...

I am a person who changes moods alot! Well, I am quiet most of the time but if I feel hypo, I can be pretty loud.
But usually, I am quiet and I'm the kind of person that doesnt mind sitting by themselves. Infact, I kinda like it that way.
I feel like I dont have to impress anyone, say something 'cool', try and think of something smart to say or even laugh even if its not that funny. If I don't laugh or smile while other people are, they tend to think I'm in a bad mood or I feel sad. But really, all I'm doing is listening and I dont want to feel like putting on a fake smile. Then I feel sorry that I cant be a person who is all cheery and gets every joke. I wish I could, but I'm not.

I had a stranger tell me to smile while I was working. It didn't feel good because I felt fine and as soon as he told me to smile, it actually made me sad. I think its because a total stranger had to tell me what I should do because I couldnt even make myself smile.
It also kinda made me sad for myself because I can't be a happy person like other people who smile everyday. But how can I be happy by putting a fake smile? They say that the best relationship you could have is with yourself first, then when you are happy, you can have great relationships with everyone else.
Maybe that is why I am so selfish, because I am not happy with myself and who I am. That is why I can't be happy around others because I can't even be happy for myself.

I think the person I really want to be is outgoing, loud, happy but also having the quiet side of myself. I try but maybe I need to try harder and think of all the good things around me and not all the bad ones.

Anyways, I'm just writing how I feel at the moment and I feel good when I write my feelings down. I feel like I can just let everything I feel out and not having to keep it inside. :)

My goal is to be happier, be grateful and not worry too much about everything. Also keep thinking about all the good things in my life and not only the bad ones.


Day 5: WPHS

Today we went over the Workplace Health and Safety procedures! I already did this in high school so it was reallllyyy boring! T_T

Well I guess it was good to run over them again but it was so hot today and it just went for so long..

I learnt something new today! When your washing your hands, it is best to wash your hands for at least 15-20 seconds!!!!! That is the approximate time you are meant to wash them for getting nice, fresh clean hands!!! :)

If you think about it, 15-20 seconds is actually very long...
One of the girls in the class also said singing the 'happy birthday' song to yourself while washing your hands can be long enough too!

We also learnt the other day that spores live in your shoes if you don't wash them! Therefore, washing them with hot water or leaving them out in the sun will kill the living spores in your SHOE!

Day 4: Nail Science


Today we learnt all about nails! It was actually pretty interesting and I learn some new things!

First we learnt about the main functions and features of the skin on our hands and feet. Our skin is made up of three types of layers:

1. Epidermis: The outer layer. It provides a physical barrier between the inside and outside of the body.

2. Dermis: The deepest of the layers and contains the glands, hair follicles, nerves and the blood capillaries.

3. Hypodermis/Subcutaneous layer: Mainly made up of adipose (fatty) tissue and is the entry point for the arteries and veins that supply the dermis. It protects the body by providing a cushioning layer.

Features of the nail


Free edge: Is part of the nail that extends from the end of the nail bed outwards.

Nail Plate: Composed of hard keratin, which forms a protective structure for the fingertip.

Nail Groove: These grooves or channels on either side of the nail plate protect the sides of the nail as it grows. It also allows your nails to grow in a certain way! Your nail grooves are there not only there to protect the side of the nail, but also so that your nail grows straight.

Lunula: This is the white crescent shape visible through the base of the nail plate. The lunula is the softest part of the nail plate.

Cuticle: This is the fold of the skin at the base of the nail. This extends from one side of the groove to the other. If the cuticle is not cute from the nail plate regularly, it will split and expose epidermal layers known as hangnails.

Nail Bed: The nail bed is pretty much the skin under your nail plate.

Matrix: The matrix is the skin at the bottom of your whole nail. This determines the shape and quality of the nails. The matrix is the only living and reproducing portion of the nail. It produces nail plate cells and as these cells mature, they will fill with keratin and harden as they push forward away from the blood supply creating a nail plate.

Therefore, the matrix is very important! If your matrix is damaged, your nail may not be able to grow back!! So be very careful!

We went through a PowerPoint with pictures of some nail disorders and diseases! It was funny because every time the teacher went to the next slide, all you hear was "ewwwww!!!!" or "ohhh!!!" Stuff like that, because every slide had a picture of the disease. It was pretty hard to look at these photos but we all had to understand what type of nail diseases there are and it was interesting seeing how bad it can get!!

That is why I am happy to share what I learn at my beauty college, so everyone can understand and learn some new stuff! I have learnt a lot today and I am more cautious about my nails and I want other people to realise that anyone could get these diseases if they don't treat their nails properly!

Leukonychia: Have you ever noticed small white spots on your nails? Well it is not a sign of iron deficiency or anything else you have heard. It is actually just caused by injury like hitting your nail plate or matrix. So don't worry! It's nothing serious.

Onychophagy: Is often caused by a nervous habit and the free edge is bitten away. People who constantly bite their nails and bite it until it is completely too short and there is no white tip.. that is really bad!!!! So nail biting people, STOP BITING YOUR NAILS! :) If you keep doing that, it may not grow back because you ruin the nail bed (gets dry) as there is no nail plate. Even if it does grow back, your nail may not stick properly to your nail bed and it could fall off!!


Regular manicures or nail enhancements can help improve the appearance as well as encourage new growth! ^_^

There are many more nail diseases but I think this blog will be too long if I wrote every single one down.


So overall, getting a manicure or pedicure can be very helpful to keeping your nails clean and healthy! Most manicures and pedicures are not very expensive and are quite affordable! But make sure that you go to a salon that is experienced!! You can easily get nail diseases if you go to a salon that does not take care of their tools and do not sterilize them!!

Here are some things to remember:

1. Not to bite nails
2. Get regular manicures and pedicures
3. Wash hands regularly

Your nails should be fine if you take care of them!! ^_^

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Springbrook and Natural Bridge


Yesterday, Sam and I took a road trip to Springbrook and the Natural Bridge! It was really fun. We always talked about going but we never did and we were always too lazy to go haha! So we finally went and it was a great day!

We first went to Springbrook. Here are some photos!

We got ice-cream from The Fudge Shop!

Natural Bridge

So yeah! Everything was so pretty!! ^_^

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 3: Communication/Work Effectively

Today we learnt about communication skills like:

Passive: someone who is very quiet, doesn't speak up, shy, nervous, doesn't co-operate with others, to scared to ask questions, afraid to say no..etc

Aggressive: someone who is very loud, angry, always the one who talks, doesn't care about others opinions, always looking down, does not give other people a chance to say what they want to say etc...

Assertive: someone who has very good listening skills, cares what others think, respond, ask questions, ask other peoples opinions, not afraid to say no etc..

So just stuff like that!

We also went over channels of communication like spoken, written, visual and body language.

I've actually done ALOT of these stuff back in high school! It was all pretty straightforward. :)

This lesson showed that communication is very very important not just in retail but everywhere!! Even when we talk to our family, work friends, school friends, teachers, clients... this is all part of building a relationship and communicating effectively with others!

5 guys I think are hot!

I have been photo TAGGED!!!! By....Vanessa!! ^_^

I have to pick at least 5 guys that I think are super sexy...

This is what I got.. (In no particular order)

1. Leonardo DiCaprio (Because I loved him in Titanic!!)

2. Miura Haruma (Because he is very cute)

3. Til Schweiger (Very manly and tough)

4. Ashton Kutcher (He seems like a really funny person)


5. Chad Michael Murray (Sweet, cute and hot!)

Talking about Chad.. I actually met him at a shopping centre here in Australia when he was filming the movie 'House of Wax'. >_< I got his autograph!!!!!

Here is proof!

^_^!! Me and my best friend both got one! We were so lucky!!!!!

Day 2: Lash and Brow

OMG, I left my house extra early and got there around 8:00am and I found a park!! YAYYY!!!! But it kinda sucks coz now I have to always be there 1 hour earlier just so I can get a free park!!

My eye has been really itchy lately so I went to the chemist and bought some eye drops to relieve the redness and itchiness. It was still really early so I just went to the academy and sat there and waited!!! :(

Anyways, today we learnt about perming lash and tinting brow and lash. We went over what type of ingredients are normally in an eyelash tint.

DID YOU KNOW: The ingredients written on a label is ALWAYS in order from highest volume/percentage to the lowest!!! I never knew that!!!!

So now I'm going to look at the ingredients on labels and see what has the most in it! ^_^ How exciting! Hahah...

I learnt that you should always perm the lash THEN tint it! Or if you do it the other way, you will lose the tint!

After the treatment, you should not be in any contact with chlorine or shampoo as the chemicals will effect the tint and perm. You should approximately wait 24 hours until you can wash your hair, swim in the pool etc...

A perm/tint can approximately last 1 month~5 weeks.

You can get them done monthly.. :)


Yesterday, I got these really bad blisters on the foot from wearing my new shoes! It hurts so much!!!! I hate them! T_T They are leather, hard ones.

So I went shopping with my mum today and bought some new shoes that are more comfortable,flexible and stretchy!

I also bought a new bag for the academy to put all my stuff in..

This is my new brush holder box! I bought a cheap gift box and put in decorative stones and just stuck my makeup brushes in!

This is what my friend bought me for my Christmas/birthday present! You put in little tea-light candles inside. How cute is that!? It actually hangs down from the roof but I haven't had a chance to hang it up yet! :)

(Sorry, I had to post yesterday's blog this morning because my Internet crashed!!)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 1: Orientation

Hey people!

It was my first day at Beauty College!!! WOOO! Today was an orientation day so we all just sat around listening to some of the rules that apply in the academy. :)

We went around in circles telling a little bit about ourselves. This went on for a few minutes! There was actually a lot of students there then I expected.

There were people as young as 15 up to around 40. So it's pretty cool that its a wide age range. They all seemed really nice and friendly.
Well, I'm a pretty shy person so I think it will take me a few more classes to actually "fit" in properly and be comfortable with everyone there.

Tomorrow is our first learning lesson! We learn about lash and brow tomorrow so I am pretty excited! :)

The bad thing about the academy is that you have to go there really early so you can get a parking spot. Its really busy around there even when its early in the morning! Also, there are only a limited amount of free parking spaces so you have to go there early and STEAL IT! Or else you have to pay an all day parking fee! T_T

Today we got our linen kit which included of: bath towels, gown, headband, hand towels and sheets. Later on the year we get our professional makeup brush kit and also a manicure and pedicure kit aswell!! ^_^ I'm looking forward to those ones!

Well, this is it for today! I will post a blog about what I learn tomorrow! :D


Sunday, January 10, 2010

oh my god!

Arghhhh, I start my beauty therapy school soon!!! In eight days!!! It's so soon!

Today I bought some black shoes and skirt for the beauty school. I'm really excited but also kind of nervous at the same time! I hope that there are nice people there and I can make some new friends!! ^_^

I will definitely write some blogs about how my day goes and what we have learnt! The first day is the orientation day where we meet the teachers and class mates. So that should be quite interesting!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Officially 19!


Hope you all had an awesome New Years Eve!!

2010 is here!! This year is going to be full of new adventures, happiness, memories, friends and much much more! It's going to be a GREAT year! Lets have fun and make the most of it!

It was my 19th birthday yesterday and we went out for dinner at a Japanese restaurant! It was really fun so here are some photos!

All the best for 2010! ^_^