Saturday, July 25, 2009

Subway, eat fresh!

Guess what!! Yesterday I did a Subway photo shoot! My agency called me up the other day and asked if I could make it there for a Subway still shoot. Of course I said yes, and I took the day off school.

I got to the studio a little too early. They started doing my makeup and wardrobe. I was supposed to be a Japanese tourist girl holding a Subway. LOL! I had Subway in one hand and a camera in my other hand. :)

Apparently the photo is going to be on a local bus! Looking forward to it!

After the photo shoot I went and had Subway for lunch lol!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I've been sick for the past few days so I haven't been back to school yet! :|
I'm well now though! I'm kinda excited to go back to school because being sick all week and staying at home was pretty boring. All I did was eat, sleep and watch TV.

At the moment, I've been really into Michael Jackson's songs! Like yesterday I got out my little speakers and mp4 out in the kitchen and was dancing to his songs all morning while making myself some breakfast, haha! It made me really energised and I think I got a pretty good work out. So my point is, dance to Michael Jackson in the morning and you'll be in a good mood and get some exercise! I know I did lol. Pretty funny actually, my sister woke up and just saw me dancing around the house making a fool out of myself.

Well, that's pretty much my week! I start school on Tuesday...


Thursday, July 9, 2009


Today is the day I can relax! My mum had to borrow my car so now I can't go anywhere! That means I have to stay home and be alone...
It's kinda good though because I can do things I normally can't get to do! So my plan for today is:

-clean my room
-wash the dogs
-watch some sort of Dvd
-take the dogs for a walk
-read a book
-put on nailpolish

Haha, don't worry I'm only kidding on the last one. I have a shower at least once a day...... or do I?!?! :S
Haha, I'm kidding again, of course I do!

Anyways, I'm going now to be awesome.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Sam told me he said yes to work after they called him up last night! Who wants to work on their birthday? Oh well, I'll see him tonight anyways.

I really feel like playing oblivion but I can't find the disk for it :(. naww.

okayyyyyyyyyyy, gtg toilet! bye.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Gosh, I'm so tired after work. It went pretty slow today especially because I finshed reading my book! I'm also tired because I pretty much had a race with my dogs haha. They beat me of course.

Well tomorrow is Sam's (bf) birthday! I find it kind of difficult buying presents for guys. I never know what they really want. I ended up getting him an album I created with heaps of pictures of us and memorable photos since we have been together. I also got him a Calvin Klein cologne, beer bottle opener ring and thinking of getting him a jacket aswell.

I only have one more week of holidays! I'm so bummed. I haven't really done anything exciting yet and it seems like I have wasted my first week. :( Don't you just hate that?

Well, I'm gonna go eat something.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The sky last night was so beautiful! It was pink! I also found a four leaf clover! :)