Thursday, February 25, 2010

New stuff!

I just went shopping for a bit and I bought:

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Powder Foundation NC25
Sally Hansen Lip Inflation
Black Top

The Sally Hansen Lip Inflation was a special and I got 2 of the lip glosses for the price of 1! YAYY! Haha. So I got the mocha (brown) and clear coloured ones! ^_^

I really like this lip gloss. Its supposed to plump the lips. It has ginger, cinnamon and peppermint which cools and stimulates the lips, making them appear bigger. I guess it works a bit but its not a BIG difference.

The foundation powder was the one I wanted for awhile so I finally got it! It's a small, round compact with a sponge on the bottom. It also has a little mirror on the inside which is convenient.
Since I bought it today and I already have makeup on, I haven't tried it out yet properly. So when I use it tomorrow, I'll let you know how it feels and looks.

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