Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The story behind it, is so good :)

some people profit from other people's misfortunes...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Beach.

When I feel upset, I drive down to the beach.

I feel it's the only place that allows me to be calm.

It's just the way it feels, sounds and smells.

Everything feels and sounds so calming. It feels so fresh. It's such a beautiful place.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day!

Hey Everyone.

I hope you all enjoyed your Valentines Day!

I had a great time with Aaron. We went and had dinner at a Japanese noodle shop. After that we versed each other on a game of Tekken. Guess who won!? ME!! YE-YAH!! :P

Since I won, he had to watch a romantic movie with me. Aaron haaates them! But he was very lucky this time. I was going to rent out The Notebook, but I tried to be nicer and borrowed a romantic/comedy instead. We ended up getting Going The Distance with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. It was pretty good, but nothing will over top The Notebook!
Aaron fell asleep during the end, so I think next time I will make him watch The Notebook and he HAS to watch it till the end!

Anyways, I was bragging how much better I am at Tekken than him. :D! We've had 4 games in total and I've won 3 of them!! Not to brag or anything, hehehe!

Well here are some photos......

This is what Aaron gave me..

I got him chocolates, shaving stuff, a photo of us and a rose!

I also gave my dad, sister a rose too :)!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Not Scared Anymore.

I can't say much about it.

All I know is I am not scared about something anymore.

Lets just say when you lose something, you gain something.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Day is soon!

Today I went shopping and found some stuff to give Aaron for Valentines day! :)

I can't post it now because he might read it. I will take a photo and show you after!!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Their eyes

See the sadness within the eyes?

Don't lie.

One of the things I'm scared about is being lied to.

I'm not scared of dying, what people think of me, falling, getting hit. Being lied to scares me more.

I think, if one is not happy being with one, I say "let them go."
Because, I'd rather get hurt but knowing they are gonna be happier than pretend to love/hurt me and with them being unhappy.

If you don't want to be here and if you want to be with someone else, don't lie, just go. Go be happy.

Just tell the truth.

It's all I ask for..

Monday, February 7, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award and 7 Things About Me.

Thanks to Jena from Makeup Adventures with JennyB, I have been awarded with the 'Stylish Blogger Award!' :)

To accept this award, one must:

- Thank and link back to the person whom awarded you.
- Share 7 Things About Yourself.
- Award 10-15 recently discovered great bloggers.
- Contact these bloggers and tell them they've been awarded!

7 Things About Me:

1. I am Japanese and live in Australia.

2. I love Dragons.

3. I do Mixed Martial Arts as a sport.

4. I love collecting Martial Art Weapons.

5. My favourite food is Pasta.

6. I am SUPER short, like just under 150cm.

7. I am obsessed with Makeup!

Great Bloggers:

Jean from Jean's Makeup Blog

Roseann from Annebabesx

N from Petite Eats

Vanessa from 'Oh Jhoy! Beauty Blog'

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Favourite Lipstick!

My favourite lipstick at the moment is the MAC lipstick in Blankety AA0 (Amplified).

I think it's such a pretty colour! :) It's a nude lip colour with a bit of pink in it.

The lipstick itself is also really nice. Because it's not a matte lipstick, it glides on really smoothly and also gives you a glossy finish!

New blue coloured eye contacts!

I got some new contacts today! :P