Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My new dragon drawing!

The other day, there was a special sale on at a Japanese Green Tea Cafe, Tokonoma. This lady lived in Japan for awhile and she collected all these old Japanese antiques which included pots, plates, drawings, kimonos, mirrors, wardrobes and sooo much more!! There was so much stuff there and when I got into the place I was like :O! and I got so excited just looking at all the beautiful collections! I really like the old, antique stuff so I was a bit excited lol!

I liked alot of the things but I didn't have enough money so I came up to this dragon picture and I really liked it.. I had to buy it so I asked her about the drawing and she said that she got this when she went to a Japanese Ginger in 1975. A man was drawing these dragon pictures in front of the ginger and he drew the body of the dragon with only one stroke! I was like :O woooowww, thats amazing! If you look really closely, you can see these lines through out the body and it looks like the dragon has scales! >_< It's so cool!

It was only $20!!!! SOOOO of course I bought it! Especially because it was her own personal collection and you can't get these items EVER unless you go to Japan and find this man... so its something very special! My mum told the women I love collecting weapons and Im interested in all that stuff so she was really happy that the drawing was going to go to someone who actually cared about her collections. :)

Some of the other stuff she had.... ohhh it was soo nice lol! Too bad I didn't have enough money.

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