Wednesday, March 17, 2010



So on Monday, we started skin biology! We learnt about the layers, cells of the skin and how it works, what it does, what everything is called etc..... ahhhh, there is so much to learn!
We already have our first skin biology exam next Monday!! :| I've studied a little bit but I should start memorizing all the names!!!!

On Tuesday, we started doing makeup and it was sooo fun!!!! I can't wait until the next class! We were paired up and our task was to complete a DAY makeup! So we all had to use very light, neutral colours for the eyeshadow, lips, cheeks and light coverage for the skin. :)
It was soo much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only part I was a little embarrassed and felt awkward was when they had to cleanse my face and take all the makeup off before we started! Since my skin has scarring, I was like :O ahhhhh! hahah! But I guess it wasn't that bad, all the girls there are really nice so it does make me less nervous..

Today we had theory for waxing! It was a pretty long day but I learnt something new today so I'm happy! :)
Next week on Wednesday, we have to wax each others legs!! So we were told not to shave or wax or do ANYTHING until Wednesday so we have long enough hairs to wax! Hahah. Everyone was like awwwww :(!!!!! We have to grow our hairs!! Ewwwwwww.. you feel so dirty with hair like on your legs, armpits.. its so tempting to just shave it straight away but we have to keep it! Lucky us! :) But it's all worth it! We're gonna have nice, clean, smooth legs!! WOOOO!!

In a few weeks time when we all have no hair to practice on each other, we have to start bringing people in!!! I asked my boyfriend Sam if I could wax his legs and chest but I don't think I can convinced him to come in! Haha! DAMN! Well we will see!! :) Maybe I can!

I'm finally catching up with my friend tomorrow morning and then I have work! I'm also working on Friday and Saturday too.. *sigh* so busyy!!! I need money though. Hopefully I'm not working on Sunday because I really need time to study for the skin biology exam!! :|

Anyways, I need sleep!!! Goodnight!

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