Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Are you using the right face cleanser for your skin type?

Cleansing the face is very important as it removes all the oil, dirt, sweat and bacteria. Your cleansing process should completed by applying a toner and then a moisturizer.

It's just the matter of finding the right type of face cleanser for yourself!

So here are some tips:

Cleansing Milk-
All skin types
Usually oil in water emulsion with a relatively high ratio of water to oil, making it quite fluid in texture.

Cleansing Cream- Most skin types EXCEPT oily skin
These products have a high amount of oil to water. The emulsion is thicker in texture than cleaning milk. It is effective in removing grease and oil based makeup.

Since this type of cleanser is a cream, it's very good for people who have very dry skin! The first thing you want is nice, hydrated, moisturized skin. So the cream is good for restoring dry skin by putting the moisture back into the face.

Cleansing Lotion- Combination/oil/acne skin NOT mature combination/oily skin.
This is a solution of detergent in water. It doesn't contain oil so its not suitable for removing makeup.

This is good for oily skin, its creamy but very light!

Foaming Cleanser
- Most skin types EXCEPT dry skin
Usually contains mild detergents that foam when mixed with water.

Foam cleansers are very light so its suitable for oily and acne prone skin! Oily skin doesn't need that thick, creamy, oily texture to cleanse the face as the skin already produces enough oil.


Since I have acne prone skin, I use Benzac AC Wash and its a water based cleansing lotion. Even though it has strong chemicals in it, it really works for my skin and it doesn't dry out my skin like some other products did. After I cleanse, I tone then moisturize! I love this, it keeps my skin clear! :)

So I use:

Cleansing: Benzac AC Wash
Toner: Lavender Vinegar OR Apple Cider Vinegar OR Clean and Clear Blackhead Toner
Scrub: St.Ives Apricot Blemish
Moisturizer: Neutrogena Oil-free Fresh Moisture OR Clean and Clear Oil-free Moisturizer

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