Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Makeup Class 1: SEASONS


So today was our first makeup class!!! We had theory today and we looked through a booklet.

Some of the things the booklet outlined:

-How to identify a persons skin type, skin condition, skin tone etc.
-The Integumentary System (about the skin)
-The face bone structure
-The muscles on our face
-All the skin types
-Identifying cleansing products
-Face shapes
-Highlighting and camouflaging
-Creating make-up illusions
-How to select suitable products (eg: type foundation)

We also learnt that everyone can be categorized into 4 seasons, Winter, Autumn, Summer and Spring. By looking at at someones hair/skin/eyes it can provide us to pick the best seasonal colours for ourselves!! This can give us an idea of what colour we suit and what we dont!!!!

SOO HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (When you're reading through this, try and figure out what season you fall into!)


Eyes: dark browns, hazel, dark green, navy, chocolate, black/brown
Hair: black, chocolate browm, chestnut or rich auburn
Skin: very pale, black, golden, Asian or African. (Asians and darker skin people are ALL winters!)

COLOURS YOU CAN WEAR: black, red, emerald, moss, camel, royal blue, hot pink, violet, rust, olive, turquiose, pure white!

Lip colours: reds, browns, corals


Eyes: light brown, hazel, yellow-ish green, soft blue, topaz
Hair: red, golden blonde, ginger, auburn
Skin: light, ivory (burns easily), creamy, abundance of freckles or olive

COLOURS YOU CAN WEAR: shades of gold, greens, peach, salmon, mint, violet, rose, yellow, coral, camel, moss, emerald, lilac, coffee!

Lip colours: corals, browns


Eyes: blue, green, strong blue, thick, dark, cloudy almost grey
Hair: mousy brown,blonde, highlighted
Skin: light to medium olive, tans easily, yellow with some pink tones

COLOURS YOU CAN WEAR: cream, pale blue, navy, grey, silver, aqua, pale pink, mint, lavender, lilac, mauve, burgundy, sky blue, plum, cocoa

Lip colours: pinks, plums, purple


Eyes: clear, sparkling light blue, light green
Hair: fair, blonde, white or light brown
Skin: light, creamy, pale tones, burns easily, may have freckles, usually pink is visible

COLOURS YOU CAN WEAR: aqua, peach, yellow, blues, medium lilac, camel, watermelon, turquoise, grey, rose, olive, moss, cream, orange

Lip colours: pinks, plums, purple


So do you think you know what season you are!????? >_<

Just remember that its not just ONE feature hair/skin/eyes but its the WHOLE picture of all three create together that provides us with this guide for best seasonal colours. So if you have dyed your hair a totally different colour to your natural colour, it may change your actual season....

Eg: If you naturally have dark hair and you go blonde, the light colours will suit you better because the blonde hair BUT reaaalllyyy the warmers colours bring out your eyes and skin tone. So it's a bit hard to pick! Do you want to accentuate your hair or your eyes and skin!?

The whole season thing is just to let you know what colours are best for you. If you dont like the colours you look best in, then just wear what you want! Its just letting you know what colours are best, doesnt mean you can't wear any other colour because its not in your season. You just wont look your best.. jks!

I'm a winter and I don't think I would ever wear hot pink! Ewwwwwwwww!!

Today we also got our new makeup brush kit! WOOOOOO!!!!!!

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