Monday, March 8, 2010

Koi Fish Symbolism! READ!!!!

I'm really interested in getting a back tattoo so I was just looking at some youtube videos and I came up to this one particular clip and it taught me a whole new meaning of a koi fish! It's so interesting!

Read this information I found on a website!

"The koi have long been a part of the Japanese life. At almost every temple and sacred place there is a small koi pond. The koi also know as Carp fish is known throughout China and Japan. Originally the story came from Buddhist teachings in Chine where it was believed the koi fish would swim upstream and go against the current and even up a waterfall. The myth states that any koi fish that could swim up the Yellow river and up the waterfall at the mythical place called Dragon Gate would then turn into a dragon. Therefore in China the koi fish would stand for strength and power and advancement. This same idealism was adopted throughout Japan. It was adopted in Japan to such a degree that it has become a part of their daily life and ritual. In fact large flags of koi fish are flown on Boy's Day to celebrate the strength, energy and power that boys should posses."

On the youtube clip, the guy was saying that while the koi fish was on the journey, he would learn different lessons and adopt different characteristics from all the animals he met. This included a stag, an eagle, tiger, snake and a crane.
Once the koi fish finished his journey, he transformed into this dragon! That is why the dragon has antlers of a stag, mane of a tiger, claws of an eagle, body of a snake and the scales from when he was a koi fish.

" can be thought of as a symbol of for family strength and unity. Since the legend states that koi fish would swim up stream it has also symbolic of power, struggle and overcoming the odds in life. In the same vein it is also a symbol of courage...."


When I read this part, it just hit me and it just made so much sense!! It just relates to anyone! I thought of something like....

In life, we have our own journey. It's like we're in this stream and as we grow, we learn new things along the way. We go through tough times and we just have to be strong and overcome these. If we dont, it's like the stream just washes us right back to the start and we start again. Some people get stuck in this stream and don't know what to do. Some people allow the stream to take them back to the start but have no effort or have no courage to push themselves and try again.

The stream makes us brave enough to fight against the strong waters. We learn how to overcome the hard times in our life and we also learn an important lesson from it. Just like we learn everything from our mistakes....

We then become this person with great courage, hope, trust, love and much much more!

You just have to try your best to be strong and overcome them! Don't let the stream just push you back! Stay on the track and keep making your way up! In the end, it all worth it.

When you know you have become strong and have courage, there may be some people in your life still struggling making their way up to the stream. This is when you give a hand, and help them make it up. Sometimes, you just have to leave them to do it themselves. But giving them a little help and advice from what you've learnt from your journey can give them more courage to stay on track. ^_^

I hope you liked this blog entry and hope you learnt something because I know I did!

xx Mari

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