Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 2: Lash and Brow

OMG, I left my house extra early and got there around 8:00am and I found a park!! YAYYY!!!! But it kinda sucks coz now I have to always be there 1 hour earlier just so I can get a free park!!

My eye has been really itchy lately so I went to the chemist and bought some eye drops to relieve the redness and itchiness. It was still really early so I just went to the academy and sat there and waited!!! :(

Anyways, today we learnt about perming lash and tinting brow and lash. We went over what type of ingredients are normally in an eyelash tint.

DID YOU KNOW: The ingredients written on a label is ALWAYS in order from highest volume/percentage to the lowest!!! I never knew that!!!!

So now I'm going to look at the ingredients on labels and see what has the most in it! ^_^ How exciting! Hahah...

I learnt that you should always perm the lash THEN tint it! Or if you do it the other way, you will lose the tint!

After the treatment, you should not be in any contact with chlorine or shampoo as the chemicals will effect the tint and perm. You should approximately wait 24 hours until you can wash your hair, swim in the pool etc...

A perm/tint can approximately last 1 month~5 weeks.

You can get them done monthly.. :)


Yesterday, I got these really bad blisters on the foot from wearing my new shoes! It hurts so much!!!! I hate them! T_T They are leather, hard ones.

So I went shopping with my mum today and bought some new shoes that are more comfortable,flexible and stretchy!

I also bought a new bag for the academy to put all my stuff in..

This is my new brush holder box! I bought a cheap gift box and put in decorative stones and just stuck my makeup brushes in!

This is what my friend bought me for my Christmas/birthday present! You put in little tea-light candles inside. How cute is that!? It actually hangs down from the roof but I haven't had a chance to hang it up yet! :)

(Sorry, I had to post yesterday's blog this morning because my Internet crashed!!)

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  1. Did you know you can stretch your leather shoes with ice?

    Enjoy :)