Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 5: WPHS

Today we went over the Workplace Health and Safety procedures! I already did this in high school so it was reallllyyy boring! T_T

Well I guess it was good to run over them again but it was so hot today and it just went for so long..

I learnt something new today! When your washing your hands, it is best to wash your hands for at least 15-20 seconds!!!!! That is the approximate time you are meant to wash them for getting nice, fresh clean hands!!! :)

If you think about it, 15-20 seconds is actually very long...
One of the girls in the class also said singing the 'happy birthday' song to yourself while washing your hands can be long enough too!

We also learnt the other day that spores live in your shoes if you don't wash them! Therefore, washing them with hot water or leaving them out in the sun will kill the living spores in your SHOE!

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