Wednesday, January 20, 2010

5 guys I think are hot!

I have been photo TAGGED!!!! By....Vanessa!! ^_^

I have to pick at least 5 guys that I think are super sexy...

This is what I got.. (In no particular order)

1. Leonardo DiCaprio (Because I loved him in Titanic!!)

2. Miura Haruma (Because he is very cute)

3. Til Schweiger (Very manly and tough)

4. Ashton Kutcher (He seems like a really funny person)


5. Chad Michael Murray (Sweet, cute and hot!)

Talking about Chad.. I actually met him at a shopping centre here in Australia when he was filming the movie 'House of Wax'. >_< I got his autograph!!!!!

Here is proof!

^_^!! Me and my best friend both got one! We were so lucky!!!!!

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