Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 1: Orientation

Hey people!

It was my first day at Beauty College!!! WOOO! Today was an orientation day so we all just sat around listening to some of the rules that apply in the academy. :)

We went around in circles telling a little bit about ourselves. This went on for a few minutes! There was actually a lot of students there then I expected.

There were people as young as 15 up to around 40. So it's pretty cool that its a wide age range. They all seemed really nice and friendly.
Well, I'm a pretty shy person so I think it will take me a few more classes to actually "fit" in properly and be comfortable with everyone there.

Tomorrow is our first learning lesson! We learn about lash and brow tomorrow so I am pretty excited! :)

The bad thing about the academy is that you have to go there really early so you can get a parking spot. Its really busy around there even when its early in the morning! Also, there are only a limited amount of free parking spaces so you have to go there early and STEAL IT! Or else you have to pay an all day parking fee! T_T

Today we got our linen kit which included of: bath towels, gown, headband, hand towels and sheets. Later on the year we get our professional makeup brush kit and also a manicure and pedicure kit aswell!! ^_^ I'm looking forward to those ones!

Well, this is it for today! I will post a blog about what I learn tomorrow! :D


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