Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 3: Communication/Work Effectively

Today we learnt about communication skills like:

Passive: someone who is very quiet, doesn't speak up, shy, nervous, doesn't co-operate with others, to scared to ask questions, afraid to say no..etc

Aggressive: someone who is very loud, angry, always the one who talks, doesn't care about others opinions, always looking down, does not give other people a chance to say what they want to say etc...

Assertive: someone who has very good listening skills, cares what others think, respond, ask questions, ask other peoples opinions, not afraid to say no etc..

So just stuff like that!

We also went over channels of communication like spoken, written, visual and body language.

I've actually done ALOT of these stuff back in high school! It was all pretty straightforward. :)

This lesson showed that communication is very very important not just in retail but everywhere!! Even when we talk to our family, work friends, school friends, teachers, clients... this is all part of building a relationship and communicating effectively with others!

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