Thursday, March 3, 2011

We forget

We live in this amazing place, yet we sometimes forget how beautiful it really is.

I mean, we live in our day to day lives; waking up, eating breakfast, going to work, come home, go on the computer, sleep etc.. But I think sometimes we're so used to doing the same thing all the time we are too busy caring and appreciating what we have here.

I know I do.

I LOVE the night sky. When I'm outside, I always look up and think about how beautiful the stars look. Just before I go to bed, I sometimes open up the curtains and see how pretty the sky looks. I breathe in the cold, fresh air and I smile! Makes me realise how lucky I am. After that, I go to bed.

If we were born blind and all we can do is hear. We would want to know every little detail of what Earth is like. But even so, if we described the colour of the sky and the trees, we wont even know what the colour is! What would blue look like?

Lets say after all those years of hearing what Earth is like and somehow we could see.. I couldn't imagine how shocked and surprised we would be! To see such an amazing place we live in! The sky, clouds, ocean, sand, people, birds, trees, stars the moon and the sun. It would be a paradise.

Right now,
we can see all of these things, yet we don't really appreciate them.

I see things differently now..

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