Saturday, March 5, 2011


One day I was on Youtube and found this video of the 2nd largest aquarium in the world.

This video is so beautiful!

The fishes look like they are flying.

It makes me feel so calm and relaxed just watching them swim peacefully.

It also makes me think how beautiful it is to have all these amazing living creatures in our world.

How every little bit of their bodies work. Their fins, gills, tails..

Everything little thing makes one incredible thing.

And if you see the scuba driver at the bottom of the tank, it makes me realise how small we really are. I mean, the the creatures in this tanks are huge but imagine the creatures deep, deep in the ocean we don't even know about or just swimming around! We are so small.

Ahh, I love aquariums! :)


  1. Amazing x

    thank you for sharing x

  2. what a beautiful video- I've been watching it many times- it's been a lifelong dream of mine to swim with whale sharks and manta rays- thanks for sharing!