Monday, March 28, 2011

I think too much.

I always tend to think too much of something and it gets me sad..

Sometimes I even think about things that are going good in my life and just think of the worst thing that can happen when there is no need. Then I just go a little crazy and my thinking goes over the top. That's when I get sad and start to think about all the bad things that could possibly go wrong. When I shouldn't even be worrying about something that hasn't even happened or possibly never will.. I just stress myself out.

I can never just think of good things. I always have to think of the bad things. I know it's selfish, and I am working on being a better person for people and for myself.

I just gotta say to myself, everything is okay. The more I worry and the more I think about all these things, I am forgetting about the present and even missing out of things because I'm too busy worrying about nothing.

It's something I have to work on.

I need to be more confident and not worry.


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  2. Oh my life! I do the same! It drives me mad! there are some nights when I just cannot sleep because i'm worrying about silly things! If only we could just switch off our thoughts! *sighs*

  3. Hahah, yeah if only we could switch it off.. :)