Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Discovery!

Hey guys, I have found my new favourite T.V channel. The Discovery Channel! I always had the channel but never took the chance to actually press the SELECT button and watch something.

When I was sick the other day and took the day off school, I thought I'd watch some T.V and I saw a title called; Fight Quest. I thought "OHHH, martial arts!" So I started watching it and I thought the show was so cool and interesting. I also saw some ads about some of the shows on the Discovery Channel and WOW, they have some amazing shows on there.

The other morning, I watched a documentary called 'Eye of the Leopard'. It was so interesting and so cute! I also realised how sad it was to see that when the baby leopard was all grown up, the mother already had new baby cubs to look after therefore, the leopard had to leave her home and find its own habitat as the mother had new baby cubs to look after which were more important. It was so sad because you just see the leopard walking away from its own mother who has new cubs. :(

The point is, I realised how strong they are. But its also their cycle and that's what happens. I just thought it was so amazing to see how they live and survive.

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