Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I haven't blogged in ages!!!! There hasn't been anything really interesting to blog about. All I have been doing is homework and assignments. Two of my assignments are due next week!! I'm kinda stressing out, but hopefully I will get it done by then!

I've been craving for chicken and steak lately. I know it's random but I really like chicken and steak! Oh, but I also really like pasta, ramen and udon! :)

OH! I just remembered. During the Easter holidays, I saw a 'medium' spider crawling along the kitchen floor. I thought wow, it has a big body.. and then SMACK. I smashed it with my brothers shoe. (It was the closest thing I could hit it with) As soon as I hit it, I saw all these little things come out and first I thought it was heaps of ants but when I looked really closely.. it was baby spiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O I was really surprised and disgusted at the same time. I also did feel a little bad for hitting the pregnant spider but If I had left it alone, she would have layed them and we would've had heaps of spiders in our house crawling around!!! :|

Well, that's the end of that. :) Tune in for next time! :D


  1. Ha ha omg wow
    uhhggg I hate spiders
    Does your brother know his shoe was used to hit a pregnant spider?!?!

    Aww... I hate homework!

  2. haha yes.. I told him! :) He was fine with it.. :D

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