Sunday, March 22, 2009


*sigh* I have to do heaps of homework and assignments today. I swear I think school wants people to just suffer. I received my new task sheet for my english assignment which had - DUE: *IN A WEEK!* :O I was like WTF! Is that even allowed? :( Andd it's a speech, and you have to wear some sort of "business outfit" :| ...

I also received my new task sheet for my maths assignment which is okay because there's actually some TIME to do it all. But it requires heaps of brain to work like a cyclist on a bike..??? :| I dont know. But, the point is, there is so much stuff you need to do for the maths assignments. It's stupid little things that they tell you to do and it ends up being like 7 pages!! Its so gay.

1. *Question* Figure it out, write the answer.
2. Use your computer to prepare a depreciation table on Excel
3: Now draw it in a graph
5: Now draw both the straight line and diminishing value method
7-FORVER: yep, it still goes on...

They just want us to go through all of this for nothing.

hmm, I have my tourism assignment to do aswell, but I think its not as bad. Well, hopefully! I have like billions of tests coming up aswell. I swear they want people to stress out. They have given all of my assignments at the same time and due the same fricken time. *sigh* We.. *thinking* I.. am NOT a smart person therefore I cannot think like a smart person, SOOOOO Im just stressing out like crazy. Plus I cant even get my thinking brain on because this new blogging site Im addicted too. I even got up this morning and came straight here! Which is why Im typing riiightt now! AHHHH.. CANT STUDY! :( I hate school otherthan seeing my friends.

Anyways I better go and TRY to start my assignment..sssss

Love Mari

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