Monday, March 23, 2009


Well here I am, at the computer..drinking milk and blogging again. I just had my hair cut. My new goal is to get that "PANTENE" hair! I need to try not using any more hot irons. I want it nice and shiiinyyyyy.....!!!!!

Ahh, I'm so tired. I had work today. It was soo boring like usual. All I do is stand for 6 hours straight. I get so bored and all I can think of is "this is so boring!" *staring at the floor*

Just the other week, a man from the butcher across my work walked past and goes "Are you smiling today!?" *hand motion* I was like "umm, yes?" *trying to smile back* I thought to myself, wow.. that man must have always been looking at me. I also thought that I need to start smiling more because I don't want people to think I'm a grumpy person. I can be, but I don't want to be. Well, I guess I have another goal.. to smile more. Specially at work! Its just so hard because it's so boring I have nothing to smile about. I guess I can try to think of something funny.

*sigh* I have school tomorrow.. yay for me! OH! I just remembered. We're getting our new school ID cards!!! NOOOO. I hate my school photo! It's so bad! :( I also have my business test tomorrow on Power Point. I guess it will be pretty easy..

OH! I forgot to tell you. Today at work, the weirdest thing happened, well actually, I saw this happen before at work. It happened again today! Well, I saw these two pigeons on top of the butcher shop and I was like "Oh, pigeons!" *they are so gross* Then all of a sudden, one of them started poking its beak into the OTHER birds beak and it got the food from it and started munching on it!! :O I was like "ewwwww, why am I watching this!? It's so digusting but I can't stop watching it!!" It kept doing it.. It was really disturbing. After that, one of them climbed onto the other ones back.. and I was thinking "NOOO! Please, please... don't!" Then nothing happened, luckily....

OH! I also saw another pigeon trying to make a nest on top of the roof! It kept coming back and forth with a twig in it's beak. So I'm assuming it was for a nest.

Yes, there are MANY pigeons. Its gross. Anyways.. I just got a phone call!! I have to go!


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