Saturday, March 21, 2009

Miss Teen World, Australia 2008

Well, There is alot to blog about since I only just signed up for blogspot. I wish I had it a while back since I have so many things I could have blogged about!! BUT, I can blog about them now! :D

Last year, I got asked if I wanted to represent Japan for the Miss Teen World, Australia Competition. I was so excited and I said yes straight away. The competition was around 3 weeks away, so I had to go shopping almost everday to get everything! Finally, I found my shoes, swimmers, formal gown, casual clothes and everything I needed! Luckily, the home country was in Australia, I didnt need to buy any plane tickets or go through all that stuff. The place we were staying at was only 20 minutes drive!! When I got to the resort, there was around 10 other girls representing different countries. It was so cool! It was so much fun! That whole week, we were just cruising around Surfers Paradise. We went to many restaurants for lunch and dinner. The food there was so nice.

The competition day came, I got a little nervous. The dance routines always got changed every minute. It became really confusing, but luckily everything went well throughout the night. South Pacific won the title that night. I think she deserved it, she was a really down to earth kinda girl. :)

Anyways, I had such a great experience and I met new friends from different countries which was so cool! I think that was probaly the best thing I got from the competition other than the great food!!

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