Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vitamin C Face Spritz!

Today I bought this Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz from The Body Shop!

It contains..

Amazonian camu camu berry
"..which is known to have one of the highest contents of vitamin C in nature. Antioxidant vitamin C encourages collagen production, improves elasticity and protects against damaging environmental aggressors."

Aloe vera gel
" clinically proven to soothe and nurture the skin."

" an effective moisturiser which helps improve softness and maximise hydration."

It refreshing, soothing and energize dull looking skin. It also helps to set the makeup!

It smells amazing. My skin feels refreshed and hydrated. Its perfect when I'm on-the-go, I can just use this mist to feel fresh. :)


  1. Wow thats cool! I might just have to go buy that :3 I like your blog! I'm gunna follow you! Follow me?

  2. the product sounds nice! you look like a living doll! im a new follower!

  3. I need to try this. My skin has problems healing. I heard vit c would help. Thanx for sharing!

  4. Its looking best..All three in one..I wish to buy it..Thanks for sharing..

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  6. .All three in one..I wish to buy it..Thanks for sharing..

  7. I use vitamin C bodyshop moisturiser, Its great :)

  8. i use the vitamin c skin boost and im totally loving it! bodyshop do really have great products to choose from....^^