Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Love Green Tea!

I bought a new tea pot which = me drinking more green tea!! YAY!

I've always loved green tea but I never seemed to find where the tea pot went, so I bought my own one today! I'm lovin' it too. Green tea tastes so good PLUS its very good for you too!

Right now, I'm listening to City and Colour while enjoying my tea. It's so relaxing. I really believe that music helps our body relax. Or just any type of music whether it's some pop, jazz, techno, rnb etc.. it all puts us in some sort of mood.

So whenever I feel the need to relax a little and stress less, I either play some acoustic guitar, have a nap or listen to some nice music and drink tea!


  1. I like toooooooooooo. I take green tea two time in a day.

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  2. i hated green tea when i forst tried it. quite fond of it now x

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  4. I cant drink enough green tea.

  5. When I saw City and Colour I was all: :O "She likes City and Colour too!" So I decided to look through your posts. I like your personal posts, they're funny and interesting. My blog is sorta/kinda like yours. :D

  6. I love green tea too! But I also love black tea with milk. Going to be drinking a lot in the upcoming months! :)