Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Journal 1

I have a journal where I write down things when I feel the need too. I thought I'd share my first one.


Today I'm sitting at the beach on my lunch break. I think how beautiful the earth really is. I look up, I see the bright blue sky with no clouds whatsoever, gradually fading lightly and then I see the horizon, just dead straight wondering what really is out there.
The blue sea water calmly making waves, kids running around, people sun bathing, sea gulls gliding, bikes passing by, surfers riding waves, people going on walks, people holding hands, people working on construction, people exercising, old couples holding each others hand as they stroll along the beach.
We are all on this earth with some sort of purpose. Every individual I see, ever human begin right in front of me, we all have our own problems in life. We all create our own life, how we live. Every single person I see has been hurt somehow, has been in love, has lost someone special. Every moment of the day, every moment of every minute, every second goes by, we can never go back. It's done. Time is so precious.
One day we are gonna lose all of this. So I think spending every minute with happiness and telling someone how you feel is so important. We can never go back in time. If we could, then what is our purpose? What is the point if we can always go back in time, fix every little problem and start again? We would be spending too much time going back. We learn new things as we grow together, you teach others what you have learnt. Everything is so precious! That is exactly why everything I see right in front of me is so special. How I spend my time.
I don't want to waste my time if I'm going to think negative all the time, worry about everything, cry my eyes out for someone who doesn't even care about me. Just move on.

Everything is going to be okay. Even if things aren't going right in our lives, if YOU can make yourself happy, then its okay if everything around you is bad.


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