Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas presents!

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas!!!

I had a great, fun time with Aaron and his family! Me and Aaron drove about an hour and then we had to go on a ferry to get to his mum's house. :) The ferry ride was about 20 minutes and then we finally got off.

Everyone in Aaron's family are so nice!! It was very fun!!

Mum's Pie. YUMMY!

Aaron got me these!!!

Converse shoes

Tapout mouth guards for MMA

PlanetMax bag that I can use for training!

This is Aaron's brother's puppy Darcy! He was sooo cute!!!!!

I didn't have much money this year to get presents for people. But I know next year I'll be more prepared and make sure I save up heaps of money!!!

But I still had a great time! :) Spending it with people I love. Aaron also bought me a Throwdown (MMA brand) T-shirt which I love! It's so cool!!!!!

I'm very happy.

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