Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day off!

YAYYY! I finally had the day off from work/college today! :)

So today, I went shopping and bought a cute dress from Venus & Apollon! Now I'm just waiting for tonight because I have my mix martial arts training!! So excited!!

I've done alot of sports and I personally think MMA is the best! It get's me so excited and I always can't wait until the next training! It also helps me release bad energy by punching and kicking... ahah.

Last night I had the dumbest moments... here's what happened.


Me: How many years for Olympics?

Aaron: Well, the last one was Beijing 2008...

Me: Okay sooo.. (in my head: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) ... 4 YEARS! WOWW It's gone so fast!!!

Aaron: (no comment, looks at me)

Aaron: Wait, so 2008 how many years?

Me: (uses fingers) so.. 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012... wait.. :| ohhhhHHhhHhhhh HA ha haaaa

Aaron: ...........

2. (Went to KFC drive thru)

Guy at Window: Okay so you wanted (meal) and that comes to $$$...

Me: Okay, thanks!!!!! (Drives to next window without paying)

Me: (Stops at 2nd window) Waitt... was I meant to pay at that window!?

Aaron: Yes............

Me: Ohhhhhhhh..... What should I do!?

(Guy comes to the 2nd window laughing)

Me: Can I pay eftpos here!?

Guy: No, sorry only cash lol (I had to drive out and around again to the 1st window to pay)

Aaron: Sorry shes Asian!!

Guy: LOL and shakes his head..

Me: lol awwwww shuutt uppp!


Yeahhhh... I am NOT the brightest person as you can tell. :)

Well that's it for today!



  1. LMAO The Olympics part made me giggle but when I read the "Asian" remark, it made me giggle even more!

    It's a good thing that they accept credit here in California. You really wanted your food to line up all over again. lol. I would've just left! :))

    You're funny.

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