Friday, April 9, 2010

Our 4 Year Anniversary!

Last night was so much fun!!

First I picked up Sam from his house and drove straight to Q1. We checked in and got our room key. Our room was number 404 and I though wowwwww we're on the 404th floor ssoooo cool!!!! But when we got into the elevator, it went only to 40? So we were like wtf!? So we rang our friend Michael who had stayed at Q1 before to see what was going on and apparently they use the last two numbers of the room number for the levels.. which is so confusing and they just do it to be fancy I guess...! Anyways, so we were on the ... 4th floor.. T___T WOO..?! lol! So gay. But when we got in the room it was really big for a 1 bedroom! Reallly big. So we were happy! We got a little bit of an ocean view.. I just saw the ocean between some of the buildings lol but in the morning it was really pretty with the sunrise!!!!! :)
We traded love letters to each other before we went out for dinner!

We walked around to see where we wanted to eat dinner and we ended up going to a Korean Restaurant in Circle on Cavil called UNO! It was sooooo nice!!! We got the pork set and the chicken, prawn, mushroom set! It also came with some side pickles and raddish or something and miso soup oh and rice! So it was really good! The service was sooooo quick! After we ordered, we got the meals in less than 10 minutes!!!! I swear it was so fast lol!
The guy who served us was really nice and it was so funny. Me and Sam ordered a drink and I was like "oh heres my ID" even before he asked.. and he was like "ohh its okay lol!" then he goes to sam "oh.. and your ID please.." and since Sam doesn't have one he slowly pretended to get it from his wallet and then the guy was just like "NAHHHhh im kidding!!!!! ahah" LOL! So funny...

After dinner we went for a walk and we went into TimeZone and got one of those asian photobooth pictures toegther!! After, we went into Woolworths and got some sticky date pudding!!! The yummiest (if that's a word) cake!! Soo good :D!!! We went back to the hotel and went into the spa! The pool was too cold.. :)


We went to the Q1 beach club for breakfast but it wasn't that good. It was so expensive and the meal wasn't as good as it sounded.. :( We both thought Mcdonalds was a better choice lol! >_<

But it was really fun!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Here are some pictures!!

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