Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Emily the Corpse Bride Inspired Eye Makeup

Okay, this is my attempt to do Emily's eye makeup. I not sure if I like it.. I think it could be alot darker but ohwell! I might do another one later on haha.

1. First apply any DARK NAVY BLUE colour on your eyelids. Emily's eyes are really big and round, so make sure you apply the eye shadow on your whole lid, making like a big semi circle.

2. After that, get an even darker NAVY/BLUE/BLACK colour and just draw an outline around your coloured area or just line your crease.

3. Also apply some shadow below your lower lashes. Now just smudge it out..

4. Apply a thick line of BLACK eyeliner using GEL/LIQUID/PENCIL on the top lid. Make sure that you create a 'round' look.

5. Now apply BLACK mascara on the top lashes! Apply at least two coats to make you lashes look really thick and kinda clumpy.

6. Now apply some eyeliner on the bottom lashes and coat with mascara! If you look on the picture, she has really thick lashes and they're all separated. So try and create that separated look.

7. Your done.

NOTE: The eyeshadow on the photos look really green.. but I used a dark navy blue colour. I think it might be my camera... :(


  1. I <3 the Corpse Bride! I think you did a pretty well job. :)

  2. Yeah ^^ it looks cute and wearable! I did the whole face of Corpse Bride for Halloween one year (see my makeup blog), planning on doing her again.