Monday, July 6, 2009


Gosh, I'm so tired after work. It went pretty slow today especially because I finshed reading my book! I'm also tired because I pretty much had a race with my dogs haha. They beat me of course.

Well tomorrow is Sam's (bf) birthday! I find it kind of difficult buying presents for guys. I never know what they really want. I ended up getting him an album I created with heaps of pictures of us and memorable photos since we have been together. I also got him a Calvin Klein cologne, beer bottle opener ring and thinking of getting him a jacket aswell.

I only have one more week of holidays! I'm so bummed. I haven't really done anything exciting yet and it seems like I have wasted my first week. :( Don't you just hate that?

Well, I'm gonna go eat something.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, I find it really difficult to find presents for guys. :-/
    But I think you handled the present thing pretty well. :)

    Oh, and how did you have a race with your dogs? Ha ha.

    Yes, I hate wasting my breaks. It sometimes feels pointless :P