Monday, June 4, 2012

What's the difference between you and me?

I found this picture this afternoon on a website. How cute is it!??!? It is adorable! It made me think of how beautiful/strange all creatures are including us human beings. This picture just makes me think are us humans really that different to animals? I mean I know there is a lot of different but all in all, we live on the same planet, we have families, we have a home, we breathe, we move.... It's pretty cute how the sea cow is looking at the little girl probably thinking how weird creatures we are! And we do the same to them... :)


  1. very interesting pic! and cute lol thanks for sharing


  2. ah i like that video very cool it makes you think, and omg sea cows are so cute haha

  3. omg! that sea cow is adorable! can someone make a plushie like that!
    You have a nice blog! Love It!
    What do you say about following each other?

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  5. Acoustic guitar and singing? I love you already.
    Really nice blog.
    Lagos, Nigeria

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  7. Dear Mari!
    it is so interesting: you share your mind about important subject but most people offer you to follow each other and etc. How people became selfish (and i am one of them).They talk just about their interests and do not want to listen and understan your feelings...
    You know,Mari,i completely stupid in make up and etc and i would like to say something about difference between human beings and animals.
    Last 10 years i study Eastern Vedas,very old deep scriptures about all types of knowledge and i would like to say that there is just one difference- material body and level of intelligence. Animals eat,sleep,have sex and protect themself and if human beings do same and anything else they are also animals who like slaves of their 5 senses. Indeed any living entity is eternal a soul,spiritual part of Supreme God and especially just people can realise God and to get uncoditional love to others and to return back home,to Godhead.

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    1. great blog post. We really are all connected. Brothers and sisters.

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  12. This was a really nice post! I loved the video!

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  15. the video is really good. i'm thinking a lot what place we have on this earth and i belive that the animals are as important as we are. xx

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