Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hey bloggers! It's been AGES since I posted on this! I thought I'd start blogging more so here it is! Alot has happened... I bought a new puppy!!!!! Me and my boyfriend named him Thor. He is an American Staffy!! Thor is about 5 months now and everyday he is getting bigger!! As you may know, my chihuahua passed away last year and I was so upset because we pretty much grew up together. Poco will always be my first dog I ever had and always part of my life. I had to move on and because I LOVE animals, I had to get another dog in my life. So here is Thor! When he was a puppy!!!!
At the end of last year, I had my hair a very light brown, but it was getting too dry and I missed my dark hair so I dyed it back to black! :)
What elseee...???? Hmmmmm, I think that's pretty much it. :) I haven't done too much! Same old. I still do mixed martial arts 2 times a week and I am thinking of doing Taekwondo soon aswell!!! Also, my goal is to save up as much as I can so that me and Aaron can go to Thailand, Japan and maybe Hong Kong at the end of the year! That's all for now! xx


  1. Funnily, I'm also named Mari, play the acoustic guitar and sing, love makeup, and have a beauty blog-- mine is about beauty over 40, though. I just blog-surfed my way to yours-- cute, cute puppy.

    Peace, Mari

  2. please support us, we'll return the favor. Thank You. And i'd also like to add that you're beautiful.

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  7. Hi, you're dog is adorable. They said having a dog keeps you grounded; like having a baby. Anyway, I love your blog.I'll keep following:)


  8. luv your dog!~ so cute.

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    Check them out and happy blogging.

  9. one of my closest friends just bought a american staffy puppy and he looks just like yours when he was a pup. same exact color and all. his right front paw also had a white sleeve. his name is milo && he's adorabe! :)

  10. I love your dog! I find it funny that his name is Thor because I'm getting a puppy soon and want to name him Loki :) Haha. Anyways, love your blog! xx

  11. Your dog is adorable xx Nice blog btw.

  12. AHHH So cute!!! I'm looking to buy a puppy as well! :)