Sunday, May 1, 2011

Love Lost - The Temper Trap

I saw the music video for Love Lost by The Temper Trap and I thought I would share it with you..

You might have already seen it and heard of it but I was also really intertested in the film clip itself!

My idea of the meaning:

Obviously the song is about Love/Lost.

You see the guys running on this muddy, dirty, path with no hope yet they still keep moving and running hard as they can. The rain represents everything coming down on them. Running with a group meaning he's not the only one. The after awhile, some more guys join in. They jump through puddles showing emotions of anger, dishonesty. After they all suddenly stop for a little bit maybe symbolizing depression. Like they can't move, don't know what to do. Then the coach yells "Get up, move on!" So they all jump up and just keeps running. As soon as they all get up, a train passes by maybe symbolizing death? I dont know. Or maybe the train is to represent the new journey instead of being on the same pathyway of life? So at that moment, they had a chance to choose, but instead they chose the same way.
The girls appear with clean clothes. No mud. They also run beside them on the green grass, not on the same muddy one. They only run for a little bit and then run out of the picture meaning the girl he wants in his life just keep coming back in his life for a short time and running back out.

They just keep running..

What do you think of the video?

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