Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dreamworld with Aaron!

Me and Aaron made a deal that everytime we get the day off together, we will do something fun! So we have to make turns on planning something fun to do.

Today Aaron took me to Dreamworld!

It was fun. But I was too scared to go on the real big rides like the Tower of Terror (speeds of up to 161 km per hour in just seven seconds before free falling backwards claiming it the fastest and tallest ride in the world during its debut). And also the Giant Drop (is a jaw dropping 120 metre plummet at extreme speed, passengers experience the excitement and exhilaration of falling 39 storeys - accelerating at the speed of gravity (up to 135 km per hour), with their legs hanging freely.)

I did go on The Claw which travels 9 storeys into the air swinging up to 75km/hr while spinning 360 degrees. It was SCARY! But I had fun :)! I had Aarons arm wrapped around mine and I think I nearly ripped his arm off! I was holding tight! ahahah.

After the rides, we went and saw the animals!

Overall, I had a very fun day with Aaron :)!

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