Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yayyyy!!!! I just re-newed my windscreen wipers! BY.MYSELF! :O

I'm so proud lol! :)

Although it took me like 40 minutes to do it, I'm still happy. I was planning to give up when I didn't how to put the wipers back onto the car but I somehow got it right. Well hopefully! :|

Well as you know, this week wasn't the best week. But now I'm alright.

This saturday, I'm going to a friends 18th birthday party so it should be fun. It's a dress up party so I'm probaly going as a vampire or something...

Also! I still haven't mentioned this but last month, my dad bought an outdoor mini sauna for the family! It's really cool, specially because you can put in your favourite cd and listen to music while you're in there! :)

Umm, I went shopping today and I bought some clothes, makeup, vampire teeth, fake blood and jewellery.

Well, thats pretty much everything I have to say. Back to finishing assignments now.. T_T I can't wait until all of this is over!


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