Sunday, June 7, 2009

Environmental Day

Today I went to the Environmental Day which was held in Currumbin. The weather was so bad in the morning! It just started pouring down rain so much. The wind was so strong I was thinking to myself that maybe I shouldn't go today and maybe all of the tents at the event were flying off everywhere. So, I just stayed at home for a bit and watched the rest of Miami Ink. After that, I looked out the window and it was so sunny! It was really weird like the rain was so strong this morning and after 2 hours it was so hot and sunny.

Anyways, I decided to go and I was actually a little disappointed. We had a look around and it was pretty good but there wasn't a lot of things to look at. There were a few tents that were pretty cool though. There was one tent selling these black, plastic things you put on top of a house roof and you grow plants in it. The whole roof of the house then becomes covered in these plants and pretty flowers! The picture they had was so nice! I really want one now...maybe when I get my own house :). There was also a tent with real live bats!! They were sooo cute!! I really want one! I also saw two snakes and I really wanted to touch them but there were too many kids in line so I decided not to. :(

Well, anyways, the first photo is of the currumbin river with the tents along the side of it and the second photo is the drippin' ice cream I bought! They were so yummy!

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  1. That must be so fun! Oh, that would look so cool; like, a whole house roof covered with these colorful flowers and everything. :)
    Yay! I love dip and dots so much :]